The DevOp

Tie up the loose ends you know you should be doing.

We’re developers and we’ve all heard of devops before—but why aren’t we doing it?

One reason is the paradox of choice—we just have too many options!

Wikipedia lists 26 open source and 62 proprietary programs for backups alone. Can you tell which open source programs you’ll be able to get running on your machine in 2 minutes?

Another reason is that we can’t tell how long it’ll take.

  • First you find a promising open source project to solve your problem…
  • then you’re installing some rubygems…
  • then you’re messing with .bashrc
  • and then you’re shaving a yak.

You don’t want to figure this out yourself, because it’s a distraction from your core skills.

Don’t waste your time reading man pages!

Since we don’t know what software works or how long it’ll take, we perpetually put off backing up our data and tidying up our servers until “next week”. And in the mean time, we just keep our fingers crossed that our disks don’t crash and our sites stay online.

Here’s a thought experiment to quantify your exposure: given 5 minutes notice, how much would someone need to offer before you’d sell your computer? E.g., if you have an 11" MacBook Air (MSRP $1200), would you demand $1500? $3000? $10,000?

Wouldn’t it be rad to not be tied to a specific piece of hardware? If there was no risk of losing a week (or more!) of billable hours or productive work recovering from a stolen laptop or crashed server. You’d be able to rest easy knowing that you have a tested, working process that YOU can use to manage your data and your systems.

Here’s what you won’t get.

And what you will.

Module list

Tech deets

DevOp targets the following platforms:

We test all scripts and tooling against these platforms, because these are what we use. If you use other platforms, we assume it’s because you know what you’re doing; most of our guides will probably work fine, but don’t ask us for help compiling programs on your screamin' DEC Alpha.

This is for you if…

This isn’t for you if…


Totally absolutely 100% guaranteed

If you have any questions or concerns before buying, just send us an email.

The DevOp is 100% guaranteed. The refund policy is simple: if you buy the DevOp and feel like it was misrepresented, that it didn’t assuage your fears of data loss, or that it didn’t help you secure your Internet Cloud Dingus, then just send us an email asking for a refund. We’ll refund your money ASAP, no B.S.