The DevOp

Tie up the loose ends you know you should be doing.

You’re a professional developer, so you totally already have backups. Duh!

So if I asked to buy your laptop directly out of your hands right now, how much would you demand? $3000? $10,000? $50,000?

The reality is, while your source code might be backed up in Git, you have a ton of valuable stuff that isn’t backed up: Things like API credentials, SSH keys, iOS signing certificates, and a decade of editor customizations.

Why risk of losing a week (or more!) of billable hours recovering from a stolen laptop or crashed server?

Why do we always put this off?

Look, I’m a developer too, and I know why you haven’t taken care of this already—it’s because software sucks. Software is complicated, fragile, and inconsistent.

You haven’t taken care of backups because you know it’ll go something like this:

And that’s just for data backups—once you start digging into password management, setting up HTTPS, securing virtual private servers, and git repository management, you can kiss your weekends goodbye.

Don’t waste your time reading man pages!

You could figure all this out yourself, but that’s a distraction: It’s time better spent getting paid by clients, leveling up your unique professional skills, or going outside hiking with your dog.

Besides, if you haven’t taken care of this yet, what are the chances you’re going to take care of it in the next month?

The DevOp lets you skip that nonsense and take care of everything right now. Each guide takes 20 minutes or less to complete, and you can run through ‘em in any order.

However, it’s not for everyone:

This isn’t for you if…

  • You love reading man pages and running ./configure && make && make install
  • You’re happy paying Heroku $800/month instead of running your own $20/month server.
  • You can’t remember how to open “The Terminal”
  • You will read everything and do nothing (go back to Lifehacker, bro)

This is for you if…

  • You’re a professional developer makin’ a living slingin’ code
  • You’ve used git in the past week
  • Dropbox just isn’t cutting it anymore
  • You think encryption is a good idea but cannot stand neckbeards who insist that the essential first step is 2 hours of dice rolling to generate “good entropy”

The DevOp is for professionals.

I’m going to be honest with you—I didn’t write the DevOp for you, I wrote it for my team.

My consulting firm specializes in bespoke tooling and custom visualizations in the energy industry, and I’ll be damned if any of us waste our time losing files, resetting passwords, or fumbling to reboot servers—we have better, more profitable, things to do.

That’s why the DevOp guides are straight to the point—and not just now, but forever: My team keeps the DevOp guides up-to-date because we’re using them all the time.

You won’t get…

  • A “Top N programs for X”-style list
  • A magical software Swiss army knife (come on, you know those aren’t real!)
  • A “SaaS Solution” that locks you in to some Hacker News hipster startup
  • DRM. All guides are plain, downloadable HTML

You will get…

  • Lifetime access to a series of concise, tested guides to securing your data and servers
  • A curated collection of the exact versions of the open source software you need, downloadable directly from us and served with step-by-step, straight-to-the-damn-point documentation
  • Email updates when new guides are added and exciting Bash and HTTPS vulnerabilities are released (not, er, by us.)
  • Peace of mind

Tech deets.

All DevOp guides target the following platforms:

We test all automated scripts and tooling against these platforms, because these are what we use. If you use other platforms, we assume it’s because you know what you’re doing (most of our guides will probably work fine, but don’t ask us for help compiling programs on your screamin’ DEC Alpha).

Totally absolutely 100% guaranteed.

If you have any questions or concerns before buying, just send us an email.

The DevOp is 100% guaranteed. The refund policy is simple: if you buy the DevOp and feel like it was misrepresented, then just send us an email within 60 days asking for a refund. We’ll refund your money immediately, no B.S.


Secure your data now.

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Password management
Encrypted volumes
Gmail / calendar backups
Local backups
Encrypted remote backups
GPG keypairs
Server setup
HTTPS setup
Git server
Amazon Web Services
EC2 pair programming